quelques couleurs, à Venise...Orange



LAKQALLKOQ35479.jpgLes échos de la Biennale ...

en quelques chiffres:

44 Collateral Events, approved by the curator of the International Exhibition and promoted by non profit national and international institutions, will present their exhibitions and initiatives in various locations within the city of Venice

90 National Participations will be exhibiting in the historical Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the city of Venice.

Les pays participant pour la première fois à l'exposition:  Grenada, Mauritius, Mongolia, Republic of Mozambique, and Republic of Seychelles. Other countries are participating this year after years of absence: Ecuador (1966, then with the IILA), the Philippines (1964), and Guatemala(1954, then with the IILA).



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